30 Day Fitness Challenges

30 Day Fitness Challenges 3.1

30 Day Fitness Challenges
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Purchase / $4.99

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iOS 4.3 or higher


Description of 30 Day Fitness Challenges 3.1

The Official 30 Day Fitness Challenge App From - www.30dayfitnesschallenges.com


Get Fit & Healthy In Only 30 Days With A 30 Day Fitness Challenge.

Updated, Improved & Offering More Than Ever!


* Over 25 fitness challenges
* Over 40 exercise tutorials with video demonstrations
* Simple user login
* Progress saved and synced to the cloud
* Easy to follow and complete fitness challenges
* Share your progress on social media
* Daily challenge reminder option


We have listened to all the feedback and have improved the app greatly!

* Improved server loading times
* Added vocal prompts and sounds to all timed exercises
* Improved daily notifications
* Improved speed of the app
* And much much more!


We have the largest collection of 30 day fitness challenges of any mobile app! We have over 25 challenges to chose from with new challenges added each month to the EXTRA+ pack.

* Abs & Squat Challenge
* Abs Challenge
* Alternative Plank Challenge
* Arm Challenge
* Beach Body Challenge
* Body Overhaul Challenge
* Burpee Challenge
* Butt Challenge
* Cardio Challenge
* Crunch Challenge
* Easy Push Up Challenge
* Easy Squat Challenge
* Extreme Squat Challenge
* Hips Challenge
* Jumping Jack Challenge
* Little Black Dress Challenge
* Lunge Challenge
* Plank Challenge
* Push Up Challenge
* Sit Up Challenge
* Skinny Jeans Challenge
* Splits Challenge
* Squat Challenge
* Tricep Dip Challenge
* Upper Body Challenge
* Wall Sit Challenge

* Some challenges only available via the EXTRA+ pack.

By using this app you can get fit and healthy in only 30days! Join over 300,000 app users and over 1,200,000 monthly visitors to www.30dayfitnesschallenges.com and take up a challenge today!
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306 Ratings

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Rating: 4+

What's New in Version 3.1
Fixed All The Bugs!!

Customer Reviews

CI Guy:
Needs better calendar integration

Love this concept. Comprehensive challenges push you to improve each day. My only complaint to date is the lack of true calendar integration. The app needs to do a better job of tracking what has been done "today" and what will be done "tomorrow." After completing a challenge the workout tracker automatically rolls to the next day's workout but the attached calendar shows what should be on tap for tomorrow as due "today." It should say "tomorrow." Maybe if the app interfaced with the phone's clock the workout could role-over at midnight. One could then see what is actually due today and better track if they are multiple days behind.

DO NOT BUY! Print free online schedules

It is apps like this that make me hesitant to purchase apps. But this one takes the cake! It is the worst I've ever purchased. I purchased thinking it would provide some accountability and help me keep track of my daily challenges. It does...only in theory. The app crashes about 99% of the time I use it. And it almost never keeps track of the daily challenges I complete. I am CONSTANTLY having to re-check challenges. It has even removed my completion of a challenge while I was looking at it. Plus it only can send you one notification a day...and I'm lucky if I get that one. It does not provide any other motivation or status checkin. You are better off doing a quick online search for 30 day challenges and keeping track of it by yourself. I want a refund!

Good app, makes workouts "fun"

I really like this app, I started the plank challenge about a week and a half ago and am really seeing progress, app seems to work well, I love the built in timer with its "ready, set go!" voice prompts and that they give you steps and links to videos for every exercise but there are some things that could be tuned to make it even better. I'd love to be able to do exercises I already completed with the timer again, I also wish I could see a list or calendar of all the workouts for the challenge in one place

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