GeoPuzzles 1.2

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Purchase / $1.99

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OS Require:

iOS 4.3 or higher

Description of GeoPuzzles 1.2

GeoPuzzles is a puzzle game that's both fun and educational, and it's for kids and adults alike! Whether you're a student of geography or just trying to learn more about a country you plan to visit, this app will help you put all the pieces together. Play it alone or challenge a friend!

Who would have thought that learning geography could be so much fun? GeoPuzzles gives you a quick and easy alternative to traditional, heavy geography books, and the hands-on activity may even help you learn faster.

GeoPuzzles Features Include:
* Based on Google Maps
* Fun and easy to play
* Shake to shuffle
* Choose from map or satellite view
* Fun animations
* Add multiple players

Just open the app and choose a map. There are ten to choose from to start with, but there are plenty more on the way! Study the map for a while if you like, then just give your device a shake to scramble the image and let the fun begin!

Rebuild the map by sliding each part of the puzzle into the correct position. Be as quick as you can, because this game is timed. The puzzle pieces are animated, and the sound effects are there to let you know when you've gone wrong.

Need a little help? Just tap the "Hint" button or view the original map in its entirety. Taking an occasional hint can help to speed up your time and improve your score. If you think you need more practice, you can reload and replay old games before you move on to new ones. When you think you're ready, why not challenge a friend? Just add a new player and battle it out. Fastest time wins!

GeoPuzzles is a quick and easy way to learn about faraway places, but there's more to it than that. Children often learn more easily by taking part in a fun activity, and what could be more fun than a challenging puzzle? If geography homework has your kids stumped, just try putting away the books and playing a game of GeoPuzzles. They'll have so much fun playing, they won't even realize they've just had a geography lesson.

GeoPuzzles is fun, addictive, and educational. You can't help but to laugh and learn while you scramble and rebuild countries right on your device. Download it now and start rebuilding the world, one country at a time.
Game Center: No Support
Rating: 4+

What's New in Version 1.2
Modified map.
Portrait and landscape mode are possible now.
Swift updated to align with latest guidelines
Improved help
Display name shortened

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