Growtopia 2.71

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Freeware / Free

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iOS 4.3 or higher

Description of Growtopia 2.71

BE AWARE! This is a game about collecting and protecting items while playing and chatting with actual human beings from all around the world. Your items CAN and WILL be stolen if you don't keep them safe. That is part of the gameplay and stolen items will not be restored. All of the items necessary to prevent theft are available in the game. USE THEM WISELY!

Note: There is a Personal Controls area in the Options menu - it allows you to disable the In App Purchase and Tapjoy Offer Wall options as well as block chat with other players.

Growtopia is a creative sandbox platformer MMO where you can:

* BUILD anything you can imagine – houses, dungeons, songs, artwork, puzzles - even a subterranean base on mars!
* COLLABORATE with new and old friends from around the world (over 20 million player accounts in the same universe - no shards!)
* PLAY mini-games - parkour, surgery, quizzes, fishing, firefighting, fight crime, PVP battles, races, CTF, live music jams, ghost hunting, build steam machines and more
* PROTECT items using an innovative lock system which allows you to give access to friends
* PLANT seeds to grow trees
* SPLICE seeds to discover thousands of amazing items, with new items added constantly
* TRADE items in our secure trading system
* EXPLORE a universe of over 500 million user-created worlds, all persistent and connected to each other
* COMMUNICATE using a full chat, friends list, and messaging system
* EARN a single in-game currency entirely through gameplay
* See classic pixel graphics, optimized for small and large screens
* Original soundtrack by Cory Mollenhour

** Note: This is a freemium game that has optional In-App Purchases! **

Didn't get your gems or having a problem? Email us at, we'd love to help!
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8795 Ratings

Game Center: No Support
Rating: 12+

What's New in Version 2.71
*support for new items

Customer Reviews

I can’t blame you for others mistakes

It’s a perfect game, except for when they scam and hack and use their friends account who happens to be my friend. I got scammed so much that I quit 17 times. There are great ways to avoid scamming, but you can’t avoid hacking!!! Unless you are a hacker (I’m not). Growtopia has always been fun for me because of profits and all the dirt to < > series and road to < >. All in all, I’m giving this a 5/5 not because I like it, but because Seth and Hamumu and Ubidev worked hard making this, and people are just hacking, scamming, being hacked/scammed, and it isn’t your fault they have to do this because you just wanted a nice and peaceful game, so I understand you banning people, cursing them, and one thing I don’t understand is HELL. Why was it banned? There are worst words. I’m not going PG but seriously. My best guess is that you don’t want people making fun of the cursed. You should also remove the fact that cursed people can go to seasonal worlds. The cursed shouldn’t really be cursed because sometimes they just enter a world and get cursed. I find it unfair for those people, so you should at least have HELL be start.

Hanate wakuso shiseo:
After 2 years coming back...

Well, I quitted about 2 years ago. It was harsh before since I get scammed easily, I do not blame people for my stupidity. Until I came back and some generous players gave me stuff to start new life. Well, here I am. Talking about how fine the community is (Except Hackers and Scammers. They're pretty jerky af.).

With Care,


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