Apple iCloud is attacked Hollywood actress photo exposure

In the yesterday evening, because the apple iCloud is attacked, many famous Hollywood actress photos of exposure and widely distributed in the Twitter spread. Including USA actress Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence) of the nude photo.
Earlier Tuesday, in USA discussion version of 4Chan, a user posted these pictures, and these pictures are out after the hacker attack multiple iCloud accounts. A nude photo of stars including Vitoria, Jiasidi, Emily Browning, Kate Bosworth (Kate Bosworth), Jenny Macarthy (Jenny McCarthy) and Kate Upton (Kate Upton).
America technology blog Mashable contacted Laurence’s spokesman, the response as follows: “this is a flagrant violation of privacy. We have been in contact with the relevant departments, and to prosecute any release Jennifer Lawrence stolen photos of people.”

The iOS7 jailbreak CenterStage plug-in may prohibit the notification Center

In the iOS7 status bar down allows you to view the unread SMS and other information, but if you are Activator lovers, so in some operations (such as games)may be exempt from error operation, such as the notification center to. If you alsohave this kind of case, you can try a new range of Cydia – CenterStage plug-in,the plug-in can limit the gesture operation on your dropdown notification center.

As its name implies, after you install this plugin, you only from the middle of the status bar to the gesture operation will drop to stimulate the notification Center(from the left and the right of the status bar of the drop is invalid). This can greatlyreduce the possibility of misoperation, also can avoid Activator or some othergestures plugin conflict caused by gesture.

IWatch Apple Apple executives will watch how much money it is priced at $400

Re/code site from the latest report said the price news about iWatch, Apple will be in September 9th this year, the conference also released iPhone6 and iWatch,said Apple executives to high iWatch pricing for around $400, Apple will also launch a variety of low coordination version iWatch. Of course, the current pricinghas not yet been determined, because the product to wait until next year torelease.

In addition, the report pointed out that Apple may not release iWatch price in the September 9th press conference, will only display equipment. Apple will be on the price of iWatch have kept silent until next year, officially on sale. Rumors aboutApple wearable devices in many, many analysts have pointed out that iWatch may just be the wristband flagship health and fitness function, and perhaps not watch.And the report says, the iWatch can support iPhone peripherals, and not an independent product. IWatch what price you can accept?

IOS8 beta5 revealed iPhone6 resolution is three times that of iPhone5s

The resolution of the iPhone6 will greatly enhance the news of our apple newspreviously reported. Now there are developers from the iOS8 found in beta5iPhone6 of the resolution is 3 times of iPhone5s, which means that the displaywould greatly enhance the iPhone6, also proved a similar 3D this WWDC conference presentation of Cook function.

Developer James Thompson found rendering operations interesting new beta version of iOS8, which further increased the iPhone 6 will use the new resolutioncredibility, which will be turned into pixels three times, Retina display the currentpixel to turn two times. There are reports that long ago, apple is testing a newresolution of iPhone, use the 3x screen scaling content.

Of course, this operation does not maintain, iOS8 beta5 does not have a 3x image is loaded, do not make use of the initWithContentsOfFile can give priority to the 3x image, instead of the 2x image.

The test images used with @1x, @2x and @3x prefix, code will give priority toload the 3x image. In the iOS simulator, we can know about 1X, 2x and 3x sizeimage sharpness, 1x looks pixel sense, while 2x seems not perfect, 3x image isvery clear.

In addition, the code does not accept any binary scaling. Test the otherdimensions, such as 4x or 8x, without any operation.

The method first choice of 3x image, this means that the entire system is not Bug.Select the @3x image of API, also may be a sign of an apple iPhone resolution.

Of course, this does not make the screen resolution of iPhone we know the next generation, to determine the iPhone 6 resolution will be far more than iPhone5s.Apple is tested on 568 x 320 and 414 x 736 resolution, turned three times, the resolution of the device is 1704 x 960 and 1242 x 2208, the current iPhone5sresolution of 1136 x 640.

Motherboard leaked pictures of 4.7 inch iPhone6 memory is 1GB

After Feld&Volk exposure iPhone6 motherboard component series, including 16GB flash memory module, NXP Toshiba of NFC chip and LTE chip of qualcomm.Today another netizen exposure iPhone6 motherboard new light, this time thesources that exposure is 4.7 inch models, including A8 chip on the letters show thememory for the LPDDR3 standard 1GB, from Hynix (Hynix).

This has already leaked product figure shows the iPhone6 memory is still 1GB, theexposure of the motherboard photos is almost confirmed this statement. However,1GB memory for maybe 4.7 inches, we can also expect the 5.5 inch model hasmore memory. Last week the message also pointed out, iPhone6 1GB memory will be provided by Samsung, which is perhaps the first cooperation after apple and Samsung truce in USA overseas.

There is no news for 5.5 inch iPhone6 memory, but under the iPad Air 2GB configuration memory rumors, many users want 5.5 inch iPhone6 memory can also be increased to 2GB, but also support the split screen function in legend.

Today Apple worldwide free replacement of iPhone5 battery

Earlier this service has been American and China officially launched, this freeprogram to the world now. After the query if your equipment in accordance with thechanging conditions, you can choose to be in one of three ways to replace the battery, respectively is: make an appointment at Apple Store, support access to Apple authorized service provider or contact Apple technology.

Apple‘s website explains, if meet the changing conditions of iPhone5 have similarbroken screen these effects to replace the battery problems, then Apple will fix theproblem of screen (the user must pay). But if bought Apple battery replacementservice, and your iPhone5 with a free replacement plan, then users can contact Apple for refund.

The women’s press iPhone5 sleep induced breast burn or unable to feed

Intelligent mobile phone machine in hand, the convenience of infinite! Butplease note when sleeping, don’t put mobile phone on the bed charge. A British woman before the beloved iPhone beside the bed charge, did not think of to turn over mobile phone, pressure in the body, the next day, herleft breast to the armpit severe burns.

According to the “sun reported, Essex County (Essex) 24 year old Di Ou NiBaxter (DionneBaxter) recently lying in bed, with iPhone charging.

Shortly after Dioni went to sleep, but sleep in turn, di Ou Ni will not bodypressed against the charging mobile phone informed. The next morning,Ouni is a tingling shock, on the left breast to the armpit should be burned,leave for up to about 12 centimeters.

Di Leoni emergency medical first aid but fortunately no serious problem,then burn experts said frankly, this is likely to become a permanent scar. Di Ou Ni said, own have naked sleep habits, but did not expect the mobile phone charging will happen so big problem. Already had 1 daughters, Ounialso worry that their children will then, later, may not for himself for breast-feeding baby.

The screen is still existing problems of iPhone6 conference time will postpone it

Our previous apple news repeatedly reported the Apple 6 will be released in September 9th, now released from the time is less than twenty days, taking into account the iPhone6 screen capacity problem has not been solved, it would delay the release, the analyst is to solve this problem is adamant,iPhone6 release time will not be affected by this.

Analysts at J.P.Morgan RodHall in a report to investors Monday that, if these problems exist, so the supply of early May to some extent be some slow, but they are for this will affect the iPhone shipments doubt.

According to “Reuters” reported last week, Apple’s suppliers are busy to iPhone screen “chaos“. There are two problems, one is the backlight technology, while another is related to the key parts, these problems are thatwill affect apple plans. At the same time, it is not clear that these problemswill affect the mobile phone delay supply quantity and the initial release of.

And check the “Reuters” track record, they also said that the Retina iPadMini due to supply problems will be delayed to 2014 released last year. As for the back story, believe you better than I do.

In fact, as usual, iPhone6 this has also become the various “delay” hero.And a 5.5 inch big screen version is said to have entered the right track, but not with the release in September 9th and a 4.7 inch version.

6 new characteristics of enterprise users favorite iOS8 let you fall in love with office

At present, iOS8 has been to fifth test version, rumored to be released at the end of the month the iOS8 GM version of apple. And then in the next month we let iOS8 and iPhone6 also released the official version. This year’s iOS8the biggest change is becoming more open, and more to the enterprise users. This move also longluo many enterprise users heart. The following is to check the 6 new characteristics of business users in the eyes of iOS8 most of the praise.


In 2007, a generation of iPhone release to subvert our understanding of the device screen and keyboard. Although apple is a pioneer in the developmentof virtual keyboard, but other system catch up from behind, is doing better than apple, provides automatic calibration, automatic filling and associationexperience to the user.

Another advantage of Android system is its support for third party keyboard.In iOS8 Apple finally on the keyboard for a major improvement, have everything that one expects to find the function and characteristics.

Extended storage and collaboration

In the iOS8 application developers can be embedded in other application standard sharing options list, but apple is promising but also in the iOS8 inmore traditional file management functions.

Although some application support sending content to other applications orthird party cloud services, but many restrictions, users often need to create,edit, share content after preservation steps to. In iOS8 Apple simplifies these processes, it is very important for mobile collaboration and productivity.

The extension of the function is also convenient for users to edit more thanon the same content, collaboration between the more convenientinformation sharing and employee.

Mail management better

Although many service iOS user selectable third party mail, but the use ofnative mail application users also many. In iOS8, Apple has added a newgesture to the mail application, convenient to add a logo, in order to carry out follow-up. The user can also be specified mail contacts or email addressspecified for VIP.

Another Exchange user can set up automatic reply information. From the external address information can be marked in red, to highlight these messages, improve information security. Use S/MIME to ensure that the mailinformation security.

Whether you can attend the meeting

One of the convenient characteristic of Exchange and other enterprisescalendar selection is, the user can create or adjustment of meeting oractivity time, check whether they can attend meetings or activities. In the desktop device which is a standard function, but in the iOS, until iOS8 this function became standard. The calendar application also supports userreminded participants.

To improve the security of Touch ID

IOS8 developers can make full use of the Touch ID, using it to replace thepassword and user name called etc.. User access to cloud services, other security of public resources, password manager and security equipmentstorage applications, can use TouchID to verify. Enterprise applicationdevelopers can also be applied in the TouchID as security or authenticationmethod. It will be more convenient to enterprise users save sensitive content, applications and services.


The first is Handoff, the user can continue to complete their unfinished workat iPhone in Mac, and vice versa.

The second is that users can accept the pairing iPhone information and telephone in Mac.

Third is perhaps the most important, the automatic focus function, supportcellular Mac using iPhone or iPad connection to access network. Compared with the public Wi-Fi network, the function is more easy to use and higher security.

5 places not used to Android users to switch to the iOS jailbreak is perfect

An Zhuohe iOS Jihad for several years, who use who function better,application, who is more beautiful, who use experience more smooth slobberwar continuous problems. In fact, the two most popular mobile platforms have their own advantages, to provide users with the most satisfactoryexperience. From iPhone to Android mobile phone, many iPhone users on the Android system upgrade expressed dissatisfaction, application for Android beautify and optimize the dissatisfaction.

Similarly, when the Android mobile phone users to switch to iPhone also produced many ill. Below we will list the Android user dissatisfaction (not used) 5 point iOS 7 system.

Compared to 1, and the Android, iOS share makes people tired sleepdoesn’t love

Without doubt, when most of the Android users to switch to iPhone the most annoying things are shared on iOS. Simply put, you want the Admiral iOSalbum pictures directly to the Dropbox or the Google Drive share is impossible, but Android easily. In addition, the application is also the link between, unlike Android applications can communicate with each other.

Notification system 2, confusing

Dropdown notification system was the hallmark of Android, iOS joined laterinformed the design similar, only “like” instead of “”. The application of iOSnotification is not like android as a stop notice, but is divided into three parts,one is today (weather), total and unread notification. This is easy to let theAndroid user confusion, if I click on “after all” can not see the “unread”?

3, many applications without lateral mode

When the habit of Android Application of horizontal and vertical free to switchto use iPhone also customary to horizontal and vertical handover application mode, but this feature in many iPhone applications without.

4, no power display

Application of non electric quantity display is accurate. In Android, you can see what a application of large power consumption, the power consumptionin particular to a few percent, then take corresponding measures, such asthe application removal. IOS system does not have this function.

5, without a clear all notifications

In the Android system, if you receive a lot of information, the informationdoesn’t want to read, at the top of the notification bar can be a key toremove all notice, this mobile phone is not always “unread notification” to remind, let patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Unfortunately, there is not a function of iOS, need one one clearance.