Jerrymageddon: SynDrought

Jerrymageddon: SynDrought 1.0

Jerrymageddon: SynDrought
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Freeware / Free

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OS Require:

iOS 4.3 or higher


Description of Jerrymageddon: SynDrought 1.0

Jerrymageddon:Syndrought is about action and preventing a worldwide calamity. You have to move quickly (seriously!) and look around you to stop Jerry's attacks or Jerry-ies that are spawning. Only so many Jerry-ies can exist before society collapses.

I am an indie solo-developer so please contact me to let me know what you would like added to the game :) Expect more updates and game changes really soon!

Jerrymageddon: Syndrought relies on ad banners, video advertisements, and in-app purchases since I am the only one working on this and I gotta (love to?) eat. You can easily buy a level to stop having to watch video ads to play it unless you love watching advertisements....?

-it is better not to have any other apps running in the background to help the 3D and AR performance
-Playing in the dark looks cool, but it can cause problems with the AR and is unwise due to you having to move around in the dark!

Jerrymageddon: SynDrought

Jerry, tired of the dark and wet skies of Scandinavia, has found a way to create a horrible synthetic drought throughout Sweden. Water is running scarce and the local plant and animal life are in danger. We cannot allow Jerry to teach his minions how to spread the drought. If we do not work to stop Jerry now, the whole world will become one big desert. Let’s go!

Who is Jerry?

Jerry Yergessönsville was born in Sweden. He was a positive, polite, and fun-loving guy, but then something happened…..

Working as a software engineer in a small town called Hölsbig seemed to be a dream come true for Jerry. Problem was that Jerry lived in the big city of Muleå and every day he would have to put on his Scandinavian rain clothes, bicycle on the slick road to the train under the dark grey sky, and fight his way onto the trains. After eight hours of his project manager stressing him to meet deadlines he then had to commute back home in the dark. Jerry was broken, tired, and bruised from falling off his bike and getting pushed around by the hustle and bustle of the big city (couldn’t they let him off the train before they got on?).

Two years went by and Jerry had changed. The dark skies of Scandinavia and his daily commute had finally driven him to madness. He had grown to hate bicycles, humanity, puppies, and adorable kittens. He would text on his phone in the theater and would never hold the door for a soul. Nothing could bring Jerry back to his usual happy self. What’s worse is, like all those who pushed Jerry around, he is starting to set a bad example himself and infecting others.

It is your job to stop the Jerry-itis epidemic. Every time you hit a Jerry with your magic sphere you cure him and he turns into a puppy loving, door holding, and all-around lovable guy. What are you waiting for? Help save the world from being overtaken by Jerry!
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Rating: 9+

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