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Kandi Koated Spades
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Freeware / Free

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OS Require:

iOS 4.3 or higher


Description of Kandi Koated Spades 1.3

FREE Download! Kandi Koated Spades is now FREE for a limited time only.
Play Spades with your friends! 5 star rated! Play with your rules - Reneg, Jokers, Deuces. Profile Photos and more!

Version 1.3
A number of new features.
- Added Private Rooms - invite your friends to play in your room
- Game Invites - Invite someone online to play with you
- Custom Rules - set point totals, game timer, and set Spades or Diamonds high on Deuces
- Fixed Reneg bug
- Fixed bidding bug at start of game

Version 1.2.1
- Fixed scoring bug
- Fixed bidding bug

Version 1.2
- Fixed iOS5 crash
- Fixed multiplayer connecting problem
- Added in-game and lobby chats
- Added Twitter messaging (from Menu button, end of hands and at end of games)
- Sped up single player mode
- Compatible with iPad


What's up. It's your girl, Kandi, and this is my new spades game - Kandi Koated Spades. It's the best spades game available, and I'm not just saying that because it's my game. I'm a spades pro. I've played every spades game in the app store.

Are you wondering what makes Kandi Koated Spades special? Take a look at the features below and you will see why this is the last spades game you will ever need on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Don't forget to tell your friends, family, classmates and co-workers that Kandi Koated Spades is the truth!


Kandi Koated Spades Key Features

- Online Multiplayer (play against 3 real people)

- Custom avatars (use the camera to put yourself in the game)

- In-game profiles (let everyone know where you're from, post your Twitter and Facebook, and earn awards (crowns) for playing)

- Practice mode (for those of you that need to step your game up)

- Reneg (Call reneg on someone playing out of suit and get those 3 books!)

- Tweet your scores and wins to all your Twitter followers


Kandi Koated Spades House Rules

- 250 point game

- Card Ranking

Joker (HI)
Joker (LO)
Deuce of Diamonds
Deuce of Spades
Spades Suit

- Spades can lead (play a spade whenever you feel like it, but don't reneg)

For the complete list of rules and features visit www.KandiKoatedSpades.com.

Make sure to follow on twitter @KandiSpades, join in the twitter conversation hashtag #spades, and "Like Us" on Facebook (www.facebook.com/kandikoatedspades)


Coming soon to Kandi Koated Spades

- Facebook
- Custom Decks
- Friends List
- More Rule Customization


About Kandi

Kandi Burruss is a Grammy winner and history-making songwriter. She is the newest addition to Bravo’s rating sensation "Real Housewives of Atlanta". At the age of 17, she was apart of Jermaine Dupri's platinum-selling R&B quartet, Xscape. Since then, Kandi has become an established songwriter, penning hits for TLC "No Scrubs", Destiny’s Child "Bills, Bills, Bills" and Pink "There You Go". Follow Kandi on Twitter (@kandi) and learn more about her at Kandionline.com
Customer Ratings

Current Version:
223 Ratings

All Versions:
344 Ratings

Game Center: No Support
Rating: 4+

What's New in Version 1.3
Version 1.3
We listened! Can you say 'spades with your friends'! A number of new, exciting features in this update. Now you can easily invite your friends to play with you.

- Added Private Rooms - invite your friends to play in your room
- Game Invites - Invite someone online to play with you
- Custom Rules - set point totals, game timer, and set Spades or Diamonds high
- Fixed Reneg bug
- Fixed bidding bug at start of game

Customer Reviews

Good game

*the update sped up offline gameplay. It's still slow online so I never utilize that functionality.

The computer, when it claims to have zero books it always throws the game. It throws Kings of a suit when the opponent has led with an ace and when the suit is played again throws another losing card when the previously thrown King would have won the book.

My deal breaker is that this game requires your email address. That is bad. I played other card games including ones where you play other live people and this is the only one which requires an email address. They need to add an option to skip.

Good game. Card designs are nice but not easily seen. The numbers are too small and hard to distinguish the diamonds from the hearts. They could make the numbers and suits larger.
Also more custom options like removing the 2 of hearts and diamonds or losing if you set the opponent back to back. Also whether or not you have to go board. A more robust update will make this a better app maybe with a single player continue same game feature. Hardly any people playing online which means you play the computer a lot. There should be options to play a beginner spades computer opponent or a intermediate or veteran. A way to track which books you won separate from the spades your team won.

Kandi Koated Spades

Not yahoo spades! If your use to playing Yahoo spades this game is a lot different. After you start playing a game another person comes into the game your current game ends. Your not given a choice to continue your current game. Trump cards are 2 diamond, high jack, low jack, etc. not ace of spade as highest trump card.
you are required to pay extra to play in a private Room. Yahoo spaded player checks private and the room is private. Reneg? You can be thrown out of a game. For all of us looking for Yahoo Spades this would be a great format to have two versions and you are given the choice as of which version you would like to play. For Yahoo Spade players very confusing. Cards are very hard to read to dark. The computer plays your hand for you after timed out.

Good game could be a little better

I like playing the game, however the multi player is extremely too slow. It's not worth the wait for another player and it discontinues your current game when the new players arrive. It takes too long to allow a player to start a new hand. I found to enjoy single player better until the quirks are worked out of multi player. All in all I like the game and will continue to play.

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