Kingdoms of Zenia: Dragon Wars

Kingdoms of Zenia: Dragon Wars 2.1.4

Kingdoms of Zenia: Dragon Wars
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Freeware / Free

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iOS 4.3 or higher

Description of Kingdoms of Zenia: Dragon Wars 2.1.4

Kingdom of Zenia: Dragon Wars is an epic war strategy game set in the magical medieval period. Lead your town to victory through building a stronghold, winning war campaigns, and battling other players.

For a millennium, the Kingdom of Zenia enjoyed an age of peace and abundance under the wise rule of your family. Sadly, a dark power grew in the north, and a cowardly usurper emerged to take power of your family’s royal dragons, using them to raze the countryside and murder your family. Now the tyrant sits upon the throne, declaring himself the Dragon King, while suppressing the good people of Zenia.

Luckily you, the true ruler of Zenia, escaped the tyrant’s bloodbath. Now you must build an army out of peasants and farmers, and rise up for the glory of Zenia! You must reclaim the throne and restore peace and prosperity to the Kingdom. For glory, for honor, for Zenia!


- Epic quests involving 11 challenging campaign zones
- Build and customize your own town in Zenia into a prosperous and impenetrable fortress
- Raise an army from dozens of unique units, including dragons and knights
- Use magical abilities to sway battles in your favor
- Engage in massive multiplayer battles worldwide to win fortune and fame
- Form an alliance and compete for huge prizes
- Connect with and help your friends
- Chat with players from all over the world

Kingdom of Zenia is free to play! There are items that can be purchased in-game with real money. You can turn this feature off by disabling in-app purchases in your device settings.
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Rating: 9+

What's New in Version 2.1.4
Fixed a bug that prevented some players from making progress.

We were able to fix some of the crashes that happen when you go on raids (but not all of them yet).

The Zenia Commander award can now be completed. It was literally impossible. Complete any quest to trigger it!

We dusted off the trophy case so that you can admire your trophies again.

Fixed a lot of UI bugs that made the game freeze.

Winter is coming.

Customer Reviews

Kooapps what I think about you.

Concept of the game needs to be restored, that means purge the hackers, install anti hacking softwares, routine surveillance and measures to bring it back to the way it was meant to be played. Do not allow any infringement of the rules, like more than two special units. Limit the amount of gems you can buy to close the gap between rich players and poor players. If you can be reasonable, the greed can be managed.
Set an example that is sensible to curtail the insatiable lust for dominance.

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