MyNBA2K14 1.2.93538

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Freeware / Free

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iOS 4.3 or higher


Description of MyNBA2K14 1.2.93538

MyNBA2K14 is the companion app to the world's biggest and best NBA video game franchise – NBA 2K14. With MyNBA2K14, stay in touch with your Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of NBA 2K14 wherever you go with the MyGAME feature that allows players to view key data from the console – including MyCAREER stats, online multiplayer records, and leaderboards while earning extra VC (console in-game currency) with an NBA Pick-Em mini-game and daily VC rewards. As an added bonus, players can also enjoy an NBA 2K themed card battle game, MyTeam Mobile, where players can collect the cards of over 400 current and former NBA players and battle against other NBA fans.
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656 Ratings

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4518 Ratings

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Rating: 4+

What's New in Version 1.2.93538
Introducing the Playoffs tier of cards! Playoffs cards are better than Legendary cards.

Added dozens of new historic Legendary cards.

Added a new Legendary Card Pack that drops Legendary and Playoffs cards.

Lowered the price of Epic Packs.
Increased the drop rate of Epic and Legendary cards on the Draft Board.

Playoffs cards now drop from the Draft Board.
Rewards for Season games improved across the board.

Increased the drop rates of Uncommon, Rare, and Epic cards in Team Packs, Player Packs, Player 6 Packs, and Division 6 Packs.

Raised the Card Collection cap to 120 cards.
Improved the Card Catalog interface.

Bug Fixes:
Fixes a crash on launch on the iPhone 4 & iPad 1.
The New Orleans Hornets players will now appear under their correct team.
You should no longer lose your Catalog when jumping between MyGame and MyTeamMobile.
Other minor bug fixes

Customer Reviews

Love of the game...

I love this app. Like everyone else said we need trades & be able to connect & chat with friends. When playing MyTeam Mobile I would like to earn credits points instead of VC points. We have enough ways to get VC. Explain combining cards better. I didn't know at first if you combine cards you should wait until you train both all the way for best results. Un-combine would make that fair. In card collection a simpler & quicker way of training people would be nice. (But it's not bad) You shouldn't have to use credit points to subs in season. (ridiculous) Personal points you get on the rival challenge should go to VC or credit points or both. Instead of being for nothing. If I'm paying for a player card I think I should get to choose who I want. Then you can always have your favorite player & build around him. Make it cost twice as much as the highest pack. 5000. But you can only do it once. You can get a Special, Playoff or 2x legendary card of your choice. I really think y'all should hire me. Lol. I have a lot of great 2K ideas. Great app!!! First game the hooked me like I see other getting hooked. I understand now.


Overall, I love the game. Great job! I think the cards are fair even though I continue getting the same people. I think there should be a more variety of people instead of the same cards every shuffle. I also think there should be friends on here, that would be great because I have cousins and a little brother who want to play against me and trade with me. I think the VC with the daily pick envelops could be higher along with higher credits at least up to 100. I also think there credits in the quick game, not much but at least some. This game is very addicting. In the season I stayed up 4 nights in a row to check my team, it was crazy. Overall my opinion of this is it is very amazing and I love this app very much.

Update ;(:
Weird Game

I have around 770 wins and 198 losses. I have 3 epic cards 1 legendary card (Larry Bird) and 1 rare card in my lineup. As soon as I got Larry Bird in the playoffs the game got way harder, now it matches me up against people who have over 3000 games played. That's a HUGE problem, I mean what's a guy who's only played around 800 games doing playing with people who have logged in 4000 games? Also as you get better players instead of putting you at an advantage it gives you a disadvantage. Needs to add more players too Like A'mare. It would be cool if you could trade players with other people. Also how does the rivals clash thing work? I thought only the winning team got prizes? I was on the Celtics and we were Wayyy behind so I didn't even try and then I went to claim my prize I was surprised cause my team lost well I got the crappy version of Allen Iverson /:

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