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Limited Time Promotion -- $20 OFF

Currently Featured by Apple in iTunes "Money Management" category.

"Stock Guru Pro" is the next generation of the popular "Stock Guru for iPad" app. "Stock Guru Pro" is a powerful interactive stock analysis tool with a groundbreaking interface that lets you make confident investment decisions. The app uses sophisticated statistical models to provide UNBIASED analysis of stocks for risk, valuation, financial strength and momentum. The results are then presented in an easy-to-understand format that makes Buy, Sell and Hold stock trading decisions easy.

"This is an app that should help you create some nice income. If you are looking to become your own stock broker then this is a great app to have. No app competes with its ability in analyzing the stock market." Reviews

"Stock Guru is routinely found on traders' short list of must have apps."

"Stock Guru Holds the Trump Card ... This is a top financial app and an invaluable tool for anyone who plays the stock markets, whether as a multimillionaire professional or as an interested novice." App Reviews

"Five Star Award -The app gives you a thorough analysis of stocks, providing you with all ammo you need to invest or sell at the right time." Apps Magazine Reviews


- "Stock Guru" is an interactive tool that can help investors evaluate stocks in four major categories: Risk, Valuation, Financial Strength and Momentum and can enable them make confident investment decisions.

- "Stock Guru" provides detailed Stock Analysis and comprehensive Stock Risk reports of about 6,000 NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and OTC (Over The Counter) stocks.

- "Stock Guru" helps investors pick stocks using proven quantitative strategies.

- "Stock Guru" provides stock reports that are actionable and practical.

- "Stock Guru" provides stock analysis reports that are Independent and Unbiased since they are based on quantitative and statistical models.


- FINANCIAL STRENGTH RANKING: Provides stock's financial stability and strength.

- VALUATION RANKING: Provides an indication of stocks's long-term price appreciation potential.

- MOMENTUM RANKING: Shows stock's long-term growth potential and dynamics.

- GURU RATING & GURU PICKS (In-App Purchase): rates each stock and find the top-rated stocks using buy/sell criteria used by history's most successful investment gurus. These Wall Street Gurus are: Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, William O'Neil, Bill Miller, Richard Driehaus and John Neff.

- STOCK SCREENING: Allows filtering of NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE and OTC stocks through multiple criteria.

- COMPREHENSIVE FINANCIAL DATA: Provides stock's key fundamental data, including financial ratios, price data, and sales and EPS growth information.

- RISK SCORE & RANK: Measures the potential riskiness of a particular stock and its risk percentile position when compared to all other stocks in our database.

- RISK-RETURN CHART: Shows risk-reward potential of a stock and compares it with the entire Market.

- RISK-ADJUSTED RETURN (SHARPE RATIO): Measures the risk-adjusted performance of a particular stock and determines stock returns per unit of risk.

- SHARPE PERCENTILE: Shows what percentage of stocks in our database have lower (or higher) Sharpe ratio than a particular stock.

- RISK VOLATILITY COMPARISONS: Compares a particular stock's Risk Score with various industry averages to estimate the stock volatility.

- RISK FOR MAJOR MARKET INDICES: Provides Risk Scores for major market indices, such as Dow, S&P 500, S&P Midcap, NASDAQ and Over the Counter (OTC).

- STOCK CHARTS, KEY STOCK DATA & NEWS: Provides detailed charts, recent relevant news and information about where the stock is traded and the indices it belongs to.

- WATCH LIST: Create your own watch list to track the performance of your stocks without re-entering the information.

Make Money Like a Pro Whether the Market is Up or Down!
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Rating: 4+

What's New in Version 1.3.5
- Fixes an issue that caused crash on some devices.
- Various other bug fixes.

Customer Reviews

Value Prime

Where else can you get updated assessments of equities based on the proven strategies of successful investors? Would like to see the ability to assess multiple watch lists and to move through those watch lists easily - so not 5 stars yet but this app gives every indication of getting there eventually

Very helpful.

Tons of information at your fingertips. Quick and easy. No problems. Life is good.

El Guapo ✔:
Quite good

Provides a ton of info and some useful metrics by which to evaluate about 6000 public companies, and it ranks them. Quite useful!

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